It’s Hard to Talk About Yourself…

Just over 18 months ago, I started this online and social media journey to share my sporting adventures with my friends.  So many friends actually seemed interested in my crazy sporting adventures as an everyday athlete.  I was asked so many questions:  what was my next challenge, how I performed in my last race, why would I want to run an ultra-marathon, what crag I had been climbing at last week, which events I am training for, what do I eat after a long run, what core exercises do I do, how do I find the time to train with 3 young children… the questions were endless.  So I thought why not put myself out there in “cyberspace” by starting a website and a Facebook page to share my experiences, and hopefully inspire others to also follow their passion and pursue their dreams.

I can always find topics I want to write about.  However, I’ve recently realised how difficult it is to write blogs and posts when they are directly related to my sporting performance and accomplishments.  As you already know, I am truly passionate about outdoor sport, mainly running and rock climbing.  I get very focused and put all my heart in soul in training for an event.  When I finally accomplish it, I’m then so eager to share.  It is not to impress.  Nor to get a pat in the back, although this is also nice, don’t get me wrong – knowing so many of you are supportive and encouraging keeps me motivated when the going gets tough :).  I’m only an everyday athlete and there are so many faster and better athletes out there.  I just want to inspire others not to be scared of failure, to follow their dreams, whatever they might be.  We all have different barriers to following our passion, such as family, children, work, other commitments…., and I’ve learnt they are only challenges which can be surpassed.

However, when I share my dreams and my race/competition results, I feel like I have to be so careful not to appear boastful.  There is social pressure to be modest, especially in our modern culture.  It takes a lot for me to share my results and performances (good or bad), thoughts and emotions, successes and disappointments publicly!  But this is a choice I made.

We live in a world where if a young girl is determined, she is criticised for being “bossy”.  If someone is successful in business, they are viewed with “envy”.  Modesty and humility are so important, and they are values I live and breathe daily.  And I have recently understood they are not incompatible with sharing accomplishments and results.  If I look at successful people around me, they are always happy to share and talk about their successes and their story.  And that’s how they inspire others.

So I don’t need to feel guilty for sharing my participation or completion of an event.  Quite the opposite, I must embrace it!  Inevitably I get asked about what was my time or my ranking when I write about an event… so I guess that’s also what readers want to know…  I’m not looking for recognition, but to inspire!

Being humble is a huge part of my learning process:  listening and learning from others, learning from those who have accomplished my goals successfully, learning from those who I look up to and respect, learning from better athletes.  That’s how I develop as a person and as an athlete.

And who knows, if I inspire some of you to take on challenges and test your limits, I might even get a pat in the back too 🙂

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3 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Talk About Yourself…

  1. Reading this blog is a lesson in graciousness & humility in itself. Keep it up, Camille. It’s people like you who help to restore my (our!) faith in human nature 🙂

  2. Comme quoi développer le corps fait aussi approfondir le mental.
    Un sympathique texte

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