Lockdown 3.0 – Here we go again!

The announcement from the UK Government  didn’t come as much of a surprise… another lockdown…. the third one this year here in the south of England.

We know the drill by now:  kids back being home schooled (our poor children having me as a teacher!) yet again, gym and swimming pools shut etc…

The positive is we get to spend a considerable amount of time as a family. Lockdowns have made me realise how much time we normally spend being busy. In some ways it feels like a privilege to have the children at home with us for many weeks.

Even though the weather is not as glorious as it was last spring during lockdown 1.0, we are fortunate that we are still allowed to go out once a day in the great outdoors (this time though armed with waterproof wear and warm coats).

All ready to homeschool!


Impact Lockdown 3.0 on Training

I’ve had to make significant changes to my training regime.

With this everlasting off-season period and no races in sight for the near future, I follow a less structured approach to training.  I’ve also added additional some strength & conditioning sessions to my training plan.


The closure of swimming pools has been the biggest challenge for me this time.  When the pools were shut in the summer months, I was still able to swim in the sea, which forced me to improve my open water skills. However now, the sea water is too cold for me to stay long enough to allow me any meaningful training, even armed in neoprene.  So I’ve had to rely on dryland exercises with swimming bands and pull ups to try to maintain some sort of swimming fitness.


Dryland Swimming Exercises (thanks to my coach at #swimfreestyle for the help!)



















Video: Swimming without water (haha!). I won’t give up!



I’ve had to replace all my outdoor rides by turbo trainer sessions, to accommodate the government rule which limits us to one exercise outdoor per day (so I can still run or go for walks with the children instead of cycling).  With the children being at home and my husband Rob busy working, riding from the comfort of the lounge is also the best logistical way to still allow me to train whilst “looking” after the children at home.



Finally, the impact on my running training is probably the most minimal.  Although I really miss my weekly track running session with Southampton Athletics, I’ve been doing my interval work solo on flat local roads (instead of at the running track).  Thankfully my fab running coach has been in touch regularly sending me running sessions to complete, so I’m still focused and motivated.


After a run with this little champion 🙂






















Events and Racing in 2021

The COVID 19 pandemic has definitely impacted my race schedule.  ALL my planned A events in 2020 were cancelled!

Despite this, I’m so fortunate to have still managed to race 3 smaller events in 2020 between lockdowns (2 triathlons and a duathlon), so no complaints!

Photos: Still a little bit of racing in 2020: 3 races, 3 podiums! 😉


I’m not sure what 2021 will hold.   So I haven’t organised a very detailed race schedule like I would normally.

I’m a very goal-oriented person and I can struggle to find motivation when all my planned races keep disappearing from my race calendar. So, to keep my mojo and the fire burning inside, I’m just taking it day by day to avoid potential disappointment.

Deep inside though, I’m still hoping that some races will take place, probably most likely during the second half of the year.  I have my eyes set on the ITU World Championships long distance triathlon due to take place in Almere in the Netherlands in September.  I can’t wait to race again in my Team GB vest!

And of course it’d be great to be able to race some shorter distance triathlons in the build up!

Keep training and keep smiling!

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