My New Lifestyle: You Only Have One Life So Follow Your Dreams

  1. My New Lifestyle and Current Emotions

If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough” – Mohammad Ali


Nearly two months into my new life without holding a “normal” job and focusing instead on my passion for sport.  I can undoubtedly say that I’ve never been happier!  Even though I haven’t yet found a way to pay the bills…

I truly feel alive.  I feel healthy, fit and rested.   I am putting a lot of stress on my body but in a way I truly enjoy and thrive upon.  The harder the training session, the bigger my smile at the end of the day 🙂


You only have two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one.” – Confucius


I am so hungry and determined to be the best athlete I can be.  My main goal is to improve and be better than I was yesterday in the sports I love.  I feel fully satisfied when I finish an event or training session knowing I couldn’t have tried any harder.  It comes down to how much you really want it.  And I want to make this new lifestyle work so badly, I’m 110% committed…


  1. My Current Training

I’m now pretty much training full time around my family commitments.  My children are my number one priority and they will always come first, so I’m training around school runs (not actual runs, promise!) and kids activities.  I am utilising my entire spare time to train AFTER being a Mum of three young super active children (oops, where could that gene come from?!).

Lots of people have been asking how much training I’m actually currently fitting in.  On average I’m currently training approximately 18-24 hours per week, including climbing, running, strength & core sessions and cross training as required.

Of course this is just an average over the last two months as I’ve had to take into account key races and events, with their underlying pre-event taper and post-event recovery periods.

At the moment, I can safely say there is definitely no risk of me being bored at home, as I’m simply never at home!

I’ve also taken on a job working at the local climbing wall. The commitment is very minimal as I only work there a couple hours every fortnight.  The team there is great so it’s a true pleasure to work in such an environment and be surrounded by other passionate rock climbers.  The invaluable advantage of this job is that as a staff member, I am able to train in the daytime when the wall is officially shut to the public.  Which means I can now climb during the day as much as I want when the children are at school 🙂  In summary, a job which leads to unlimited access to the local climbing facility. Purely perfect!


  1. Recent Events Completed

In the last month, I completed the two following races:

  • The Echappee Belle mountain race in the French Alps: a 47km course with 2,750m of elevation gain and 4,000m of descent

I finished in 12th in my category (senior female) and 16th woman overall in a time of 10h21min.

The race starts from the ski station of Super Collet at the bottom of the chair lift.  You start by running straight up the ski slope!  That pretty much sets the tone for the entire race. It is a VERY hilly course at altitude with 3 peaks over 2,000m.  I was new to this type of mountain race and it definitely challenged me.  The alpine terrain is extremely technical and rocky.  And I had to run in the heat wave with temperatures over 30C even at altitude.  It was a true endurance test and I was so happy to cross the finish line in one piece!

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Lymington Times

In the Lymington Times

  • The New Forest 5km

I won the race in 24min36 (1/217 women) and I came 7th overall including the men.

I ran the race two weeks after completing the Echappee Belle race.  My quadriceps were still screaming in pain and I hadn’t yet recovered from the mountain race.  However I was aware that I have lost a lot of speed with running ultra distance races over the summer, so I was eager to run a trail race on a shorter and faster course.


Crossing the finish line


With my friend Anna!

With my friend Anna!


Definitely would't qualify myself as one of the "fatest women in the New Forest" ! Still nice to be in the paper:)

In the News: Definitely would’t qualify myself as one of the “fastest women in the New Forest” ! Still nice to be in the paper:)

  1. Upcoming Events/Races – What I’m looking forward to!

 My focus for the coming months has slightly shifted to rock climbing as we approach the start of the climbing competition season.

Needless to say I will still be running too, no surprises there :).  Even though I will shorten the length of my races over the next couple of months to concentrate on gaining speed.

So over the next couple of months, I’m looking forward to participate in the following events:

  • British Lead Climbing National Championships, Sheffield (Sep)
  • New Forest Stinger, trail running race, Lyndhurst (Oct)
  • Welsh Climbing Nationals, Cardiff (Nov)
  • Calshot Climbing Competition (Nov)
  • Gosport Half marathon (Nov)

I’m already looking forward to each event!!  As usual, I might throw in a few extra last minute races and climbing comps in the mix if I feel ready closer to the dates.


  1. The Other Stuff

Finally, I barely find enough time to develop all the ideas and activities that surround my training.  I also have so much energy and passion for those activities too.  For example, writing my blog, looking for sponsors, researching about the latest nutrition, researching about structuring my training better, etc…  I’m finding the need to schedule time in my busy calendar to force me to actually sit down at my desk (those who know me will know this is a feat it its own right!) in order to “work” on those.

I am so keen about my new lifestyle albeit still scary to me.  Of course, I want to thank my awesome husband for his never ending support and encouragements.  Without him, none of this would be possible!

Whatever the outcome of this journey, the only failure would be never to have tried…


Your biggest regret in life will not be the things that you tried and failed at, but the things you never tried at all” – Andrew Rinehart


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2 thoughts on “My New Lifestyle: You Only Have One Life So Follow Your Dreams

  1. Hi Camille, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other …. just chanced upon your website through Facebook. So pleased for you that you’ve made the leap and committed to this exciting adventure. Assume you’ve left London (?) – well done! Good luck for future events and with your training. I’ve just decided on a smaller scale to get back into things (marathon but going to train properly this time!), then starting to consider the next challenge which might involve some water instead of desert. See you around! Steve x

    1. Hi Steve, lovely to hear from you. It’s all definitely an exciting adventure my end!
      Well now you really have me intrigued!! What challenge involving water instead of the desert have you got in mind? Shout it you need a support crew, always up for an adventure! Camille x

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