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I am very proud to be partnered with some companies.  They support my sporting journey and their values are a great fit with how I lead my life.


More info about my partners:

A huge thanks to Zone 3 for the support for Swimming and Triathlon kit. I’m now racing in the Zone 3 Vanquish wetsuit, the same one used by Tim Don 🙂 So no excuses! Also if you fancy some Zone 3 gear, thanks to my partnership my friends can benefit from a 15% discount🙂  Just use this link:

Such a treat to be Brand Ambassador for Totally Wonderfuel. Their wholesome, natural and nutritious energy balls and healthy breakfast power me through my training sessions and during events.


Sundried provide me with quality eco-friendly sports apparel. Really pleased to wear their performant and comfortable clothing! You can have a 50% discount off all products using the code: CAMILLE.
















I definitely feel privileged to work with Swim Freestyle, who provide me with swim coaching, including video analysis and a structured weekly training programme. A huge thanks to coach Steve Bailey for his help, support and enthusiasm!


Thanks Xmiles Endurance Sports Store for the goodies, and for helping keep my skin healthy with the natural Squirrel’s Nut Butter products 🙂 Check out their online store: #xmilesuk Get in touch if you’d like 10% discount off your entire order (excludes Coros).

Thanks to Air Relax for facilitating my recovery with the compression recovery boots system. I look forward to relaxing in the evenings after a hard training day with the magic boots on! Click on this link  if you fancy acquiring some boots  via the  affiliate programme:


Thanks to precision Hydration for keeping me hydrated and keeping my sodium levels up, even in the scorching heat of Kona! An honour to be part of Team PH!



Carrying and travelling with all my sport kit has never been so easy! Thanks Kitbrix!!

Thanks to Cervélo and TriUK for helping me acquire my first TT bike, the Cervélo P5.  What a bike!!  Now no excuses!



Thanks to Unived for assisting me in my journey of becoming a plant powered athlete. Vegan nutrition and vitamins fuel me during training and racing! Get in touch if you’d like a 10% discount on Unived products: #unived









TriUK is my partner for Triathlon, Cycling and Multisports.  They helped me in acquiring my first TT bike!! They assist with triathlon kit, bike fitting and bike maintenance. I am so excited to be a member of the TriUK Racing Team.  What a true delight and honor, super humbling!  I couldn’t have dreamt of a better partnership to accompany me on my journey to the World Championships.


Olly Lane from Lane Photographic has

I’ve been very fortunate to work with Olly from Lane Photographic  in a number of photo shoots, mainly running and climbing related .  His work is outstanding and his shots always makes you look amazing 🙂



One of the best sports photographer who supports many races and events

Another great Sports Photographer. Jules supports many races and sporting events (official photographer at the Nationals 50km where we met in 2014!)

I’m ever so proud to be supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. I was fortunate to visit the hospital and it was utterly inspiring. Why not also join the GOSH Team at the London Triathlon in August and help support them too?












I am humbled to help Amelia, who is 8 years old and has a rare form of cancer. A team of us (12 climbers) took part in a sponsored climb on 1st Dec 2016 to attempt to break two climbing World records, to raise money for her treatment. The World records in question were: 1. The quickest time for a team to climb the height of Everest, which stands at about four hours and twenty minutes 2. The most height climbed in six hours by a team, which stands at a few hundred meters over 12 km. This was a relay speed climb and there can only be one climber ascending at a time. So each climb up the walls at Calshot Activities Centre had to be done in under twenty-one seconds. It was a challenge and we “only” made it to 10.5km in 6 hours!! Needless to say this has spurred us on the idea to give it anther go soon… If you are able to, please share and/or make a donation. Many thanks!!


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