Quitting My Job to Chase My Dream


Another day in the office in a skyscraper in Canary Wharf… perhaps one of the last …

I come out of the meeting with my boss thinking “What have I done?”.

I’ve just resigned …

My head is buzzing with images of my career.  All the years spent studying to get a job in the first place.  All the years spent working long hours in big corporations.

There goes my financial security (I think), still shaking with both excitement and fear in equal measure. I’ve agreed to stay until the end of July to finish my current assignment.  On one hand, I’m still thinking very short term about the workload that awaits me when I get back to my desk to finish my current project … On the other hand, I can already feel the weight lifting as my shoulders lighten.  I’m free to fly and focus on my passion …

“A winner is a Dreamer who never gives up” Nelson Mandela


It was such a difficult decision for me and for us as a family …  A difficult decision when you have worked in the same industry for over 14 years and in the same company for 8.  Not to mention we have three young children to care for and bills to pay ….

After many sleepless nights plunged deep in my thoughts, after relentless discussions with my very supportive husband (thanks sweetheart for your support!), I kept coming back to the same conclusion: time to move on, time to change direction and time to start a new chapter.  Life is short and years seem to be ticking by far too fast.  We only have one shot at it …  Perhaps this is my mid-life crisis!  I need to believe I can chase my dream and follow my passion for sport and adventure.

And the scariest part?

I don’t have a well-defined plan about what I’m going to do next.  And that seems to be against everyone’s expectations.  There are so many dreams and visions racing through my head. Dreams to participate in sporting challenges (so many ideas!), dreams to test my sporting limits, dreams of adventures and expeditions to explore the world, dreams to share, inspire and help others… I don’t even know where to start.

I have just traded our financial security to follow a vision, albeit still a vague one.  Deep down though I know this feels right and I’ll find my feet, if only because I want it so bad.  And that thought alone gives me confidence.


In the same way it’s not logical for me to leave the comfort of my warm bed to go for a run in the dark, it’s not logical to give up financial security.  I guess sometimes in life you have to look past logic?  I would never finish any endurance event if I let logic and my brain take control, pushing my body when my brain is screaming for me to stop it hurts so much.

I want to take every chance I get in life and to face my fears.  I keep telling our children to follow their passion.  Time to lead by example and follow my own advice.  Time to dream big and leave a footprint for them to follow. Time to dig deep into my personal self-belief. Time to live what some will never dare to.  Time to be illogical and follow my vision against the play-it-safe prejudices that I held so far.

So with more time on my hands (well as much time as you get when ‘only’ being a Mum of three young children!), with a head filled with dreams, and with a sparkle in my eyes, I’m ready to start writing this new journey.


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8 thoughts on “Quitting My Job to Chase My Dream

  1. WOW! Just WOW! Well done Camille for following you dream. Good luck in whatever direction you run in!!!

  2. I have so much admiration for you Camille. You’re right – life is short – you have to do what is best for yourself and your family and enjoy! xx

  3. Wow! I am inspired by you. I will never know how you managed to train, hold down a demanding job, raise a family, and write such incredible posts! Amazing. I hope to follow you on your journey.

  4. Wow wow wow! Love this, and it was great meeting you today at Lo’s party! I can so relate to these thoughts and your decisions, although not been brave enough to do anything about it myself – good for you for taking the plunge and best of luck with it! Will be following your blog!

    1. Hi Esther, lovely meeting you too today 🙂 Please stay in touch and let me know if you’re running any local races, it’d be great to catch up! Good luck on your tri tomorrow!
      Smiles, Camille x

      1. I.m definitely looking at the Tailwind 10 (December), heartbreak half (February), Portsmouth coastal marathon (december) all of which are tough terrain and local so if you’re doing any of those, let me know The triathlon became a duathlon as there was algae in the water! However, worked in my favour as I was First Lady – small field but still, I’m pleased with my race! Take care, esther x

        1. Well done Esther on the tri/duathlon!!! A huge congrats on the win!! Thanks for suggestions of races 🙂 Might enter the Tailwind, very hilly if I remember on God’s Hill! I’ll keep you posted 🙂 Smiles, C x

  5. Camille, congrats for following your heart! Good luck, enjoy, train hard and the results (both race positions and fulfilment) with follow …

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