Race Report – Winning The ‘Race With Rowan’ 10K Trail Run

The morning alarm goes off.   Yawn.  It feels early even though it’s already 7am.  I’m tired and feeling a bit queasy… It can’t be another bug surely?  I’ve just recovered from a cold last week.  I start our morning ritual rushing around to get the children fed, clothed and out of the house on time.  A bit of food in my own tummy too and I perk up  🙂  Finally, we’re all ready and we’re off to Portsmouth for the Race with Rowan 10K trail race.


The thermometer in the car is showing 3 Celsius, not very warm for this part of the globe.   Better wrap up the children.  Great welcome at registration from friendly volunteers.  Many thanks to them for making this race possible and for working so hard to support the charity, which offers help to children and young people facing loss and bereavement.

At the start, a bit windy!

At the start, cold and windy!  Better wrap up the children!

A warm up and we’re all lining up at the start.  I take the ladies lead from the start. I take off in the front pack of runners and then remember the advice from my friend Peter, a world champion triathlete:  “Don’t go off too fast for the first 3-4 minutes”.  So I put the brakes on and ease off the pace.  I’m now running at a comfortable speed and enjoying the stunning course.  We’re running on a gravel trail along the waterfront with views over to the Isle of Wight.  The scenery is stunning.  I’m having a great time.


I keep wondering whether there is another lady close behind.  Around the half way point I have an opportunity to look behind in a sharp turn and I can’t see any other ladies in sight.  I am surrounded by men!  I relax and keep my pace steady.  I am enjoying the race and having so much fun!

I haven’t tapered for this race at all.  Quite the opposite.  I had a strong week of training in both running and climbing, as this race is not an A race for me.  And I also ran 10km yesterday…  However, my legs are feeling strong and the pace is still comfortable past the halfway point.


For the last 3km of the race, my pace slows down a bit.  There is a strong headwind.  There are birds flying over our heads.  I am so happy to be there, I feel like a child in a playground! I am still feeling fresh.  I am catching up and passing some of the men in front as we exchange kind words of mutual encouragement.


In the last stretch, I see my wonderful husband and children cheering me on.  I pick up the pace to cross the finish line.  I am elated, this was so much fun.  And I won!  First lady.  Not a PB but I felt great throughout the race and I enjoyed the experience so much.

At the finish

At the finish

First Lady :)

Prize giving.  Thanks to all the volunteers and race organiser!

Thanks to all the lovely volunteers!  Thanks also to Alexandra Sports in Portsmouth for the prize voucher, I will make good use of it!  And thanks to my beautiful family for always being there and supporting me!


Thanks to CimAlp for the brilliant running clothes! Thanks to Alexandra Sports for their prize voucher!

Thanks to CimAlp for supporting me! And thanks to Alexandra Sports for their prize voucher!

Next race, New Forest Running Festival Half Marathon in 3 weeks on the trails of the New Forest National Park.

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