Sharing My Sporting Goals for 2016


I’ve been wanting to write about my sporting goals for 2016 for a while.   I’ve been postponing this.   Some of them are very clear in my mind, some still need to be refined.  The truth is though, I am actually scared to share….

Fear that my goals are too aggressive.  Fear that they are too small.  Fear of appearing arrogant.  Fear of failure.  What if I don’t succeed?  Fear that the feat might be lessened if accomplished.  Fear to be misunderstood.  Fear to be judged. Fear they appear impossible to achieve.  Am I getting ahead of myself?

Maybe I could just whisper them to a select few … But…  Why am I holding back?  Why not share, whether I succeed or not?

I am a firm believer in living life fully, making the most of every instant and taking chances.  I also hope to inspire others through my blog posts and website.


So here they are:

Running Goals for 2016


 1. Run at least race a month (varied distance and varied terrain).

I accomplished this goal in 2015 and enjoyed every minute of it (I actually manage to race more often then that!).  It made me race regularly and kept me on my toes.  So in 2106, I’m aiming to run a race a month, more if I can.

I also want to do my best at every single event I attend.  Completing is not enough, I want to push my limits and accomplish a PB in each distance I race in 2016. I want to dig deeper.

I still need to finalize my race calendar for 2016.   My major goals/events include:


2. Run a sub 3h15 Virgin London Marathon

From January to April, I will concentrate my training with the objective of gaining speed over shorter distances.  I’ll run short local races (5K, 10K, Half Marathon) whilst training for the London Marathon (24th April).


3. Run the Duo de l’Hermitage race in May in France with some of my teammates from Team CimAlp. This is so exciting and I can’t wait to meet the team soon.


4. Run an ultra-marathon distance race in June/July 2016.  I haven’t finalised my decision on the exact event, but I’m very tempted by running the Round the Island 70 mile ultra again next year or the Chiltern Ultra. Aiming to finish top 10% women.


5. Run the OCC race as part of Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) in August: 55km, elevation gain of 3,300 m.

Deep down I want to do more than just get around.  I silently want to finish top 10% women, even though this is a very competitive field and it will be my first time running so much elevation gain.

If I don’t get a place for this popular event (I’ve already entered the draw – results should be available mid-January), I will run another similar race in the Alps.

6. Oct/Nov 2016:   Run some more!  In September, I will focus on recovering from the summer ultras and getting ready for the Climbing National Championhsips.  However, I’m keen on running on or two more major events in the last months of the year (event still to be confirmed!).


Climbing Goal for 2016:  Compete in the British Lead Climbing Championships in October 2016.

This will be massively undertaking for me.  I need to get to leading grade 7b+/7c for the qualifier routes.  A huge challenge in its own right, with the adding complexity of juggling training for both climbing and running.


Well, it wasn’t that hard after all to write these down!   They may not be perfect, but they are MY goals.  I am so excited about each one of them.  I look forward to each and every training session to attempt to meet them. I am committed.

We all have fears.   Yes, these goals scare me.  And no, I have absolutely no certainty of achieving any of them.

I realise talking with some friends I’m not the only one scared of my goals.  Whether your dream is to lose some weight, get around the 5km park run or win the World Championships, be proud of your goals.  Be bold.  Be courageous.

Now, time for me to go training.  I wouldn’t want to disappoint 🙂


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