Spend Your Time Wisely… Surrounded By Those Who Inspire You

I was very fortunate to spend last weekend in France in the company of my teammates from Team Trail CimAlp.  It was one of the most inspiring weekends I’ve had in a while.


Spend your time wisely…  Spend your time with those who inspire you. Spend your time with those who share your passion.

We, i.e. the group of 12 sponsored trail runners from the team and Fred the mountain ambassador, met up in the Drome region in France in a lovely country gite, where we spent the weekend together.

What an opportunity to be surrounded by all these other talented athletes, who have all accomplished incredible races, and have set even more incredible sporting goals for the future. This is a world where we consider it “normal” to run an ultra-marathon in the mountains on a weekend.  And it is so refreshing and motivating to be among like minded people who have similarly crazy running dreams 🙂 We spent the weekend sharing the same energy for our common passion (trail running), and exchanging stories and tips. Just perfect!

Hanging out with all these expert athletes has pushed my forward.  I’ve returned from the weekend as someone different, with stronger friendships, more driven and bigger dreams…

Photoshoot for CimAlp.  Photo credits: Cyrille Quintard

Spend your time wisely…  Spend your time with those who understand you.  Spend your time surrounded by those who accept you and love you for who you are.

And it doesn’t get any better than racing together! During the weekend, we were competing in the Duo de l’Hermitage, a two day stage race.  It’s a team race (the ‘duo’ in the title) and I was paired up with the speedy Laure, another of the team’s runners:

  • Stage 1 on Saturday: 14km, 600m of elevation gain
  • and Stage 2 on Sunday: 26km with 1,200m of elevation gain

Such an outpouring of positive energy, friendship and support from all the team members before, during and after the race!  A special thanks to Laure for her encouragement during the race and her continuous support.  She kept me running up those mountains… I had no choice but to try to keep up with her as we were racing in pairs, and it wasn’t an easy feat (she is fast!).

I was still recovering from rhabdomyolysis which I suffered from 4 weeks earlier during the Boston marathon.   So I was worried about running in the heat, and I was scared to provoke again excessive muscles breakdown (especially my quadriceps which had been particularly affected).  I explained this to my running partner Laure, who knew we’d have to hold back during the race.  Not once did she show her disappointment at not being able to race properly and maybe having to hold back.  Instead Laure focused on keeping her eye on me during the race and making sure I kept hydrated. Even though we ranked in 4th position after day 1 and we were only 3 mins from the podium, she was careful not to put too much pressure on me aware of my recent medical issues.  This is a testament to her humility and team spirit.  We ended up 5th women team overall after both races, which I was still pleased with considering my pre-race setbacks.  No doubt Laure could have run a lot faster if she didn’t have to wait for me!

There is a reason we call ourselves the “CimAlp Family”.  It just naturally feels like we all are a true family, looking after each other.  We all felt on a high after sharing so many emotional moments together during the weekend, and particularly the ups and downs of racing all together.

The Race.  Photo credits: Cyrille Quintard and Stephane Filias

Spend your time wisely…  Spend your time with those who are happy to share their knowledge with you.

Throughout the weekend, I was learning technical and practical tips from the other runners.  They are all very experienced, some are Elite runners, and I was soaking in everything going on around me. What do others eat for breakfast and pre-race meal?  What do they do to help with their recovery – particularly relevant as we only had 12 hours between both races?  What is their routine on race morning?    What shoes do they choose for that type of terrain?  Here I was, in a world of expert trail runners, learning.

And everyone was so eager to share their knowledge and practices with each other.

So surround yourselves with those who want to see you grow!  Surround yourself by experts in your field.  You realise that those who keep their knowledge for themselves are those who voice their own private fears, and are jealous of your successes.  And that was the opposite of the conviviality and team spirit present during the entire weekend.  Even though we were all racing the same event, we all just truly wanted the best for everyone and supported each other (and many of the team members performed amazingly, ever so inspiring!).


Spend your time wisely… After all, how you spend your time is how you spend your life!

Thanks again to CimAlp for their conviviality, generosity and continuous support.

And thanks to all the team members for being themselves, for their humanity, their humility and their friendship!

If you fancy finding out more about the Team Trail CimAlp athletes:  https://www.cimalp.fr/pages/78-team-trail-cimalp-


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