The Race Against Time

To my Beautiful Children

It’s been two years exactly since I last wrote to you my precious little Bears (for reference:  last article to you, also my first ever blog: “Mummy, why do you do so much sport“).

Today I turn 40.  It’s on my birthday that I decide once again to sit down at my desk and type.

Watching your little faces this morning light up with excitement for my special day has made me reflect on time…  Its never-ending escape.  Its ephemera.  Its irrevocability.

Your little hands clinching at me whilst all three of you were fighting fiercely for my attention to win the first morning cuddle.  I’m not fooled, I know it won’t last.  It won’t be long until you will want your space and independence, and I’m the one begging you for a cuddle.  So now I can only enjoy every treasured second of you and your outpour of love, whilst it lasts.

The best advise I can offer you, my little Bears, as bittersweet and beautiful as it is, is don’t waste your time.  It’s by far the most precious thing you own.  You don’t want to wonder one day whether all those seconds, minutes, days, years, decades were spent in the way you truly wanted.  You only have so much time, and no matter how you decide to spend it, it will pass.

I’m not dreading the big 40.  As you know, I choose to have a positive outlook on life.  I see my birthday as another year of life forging experiences, another year getting stronger, another year filled with unforgettable memories, another year watching you bloom and grow, another year beaming with pride at each one of you and your accomplishments.  And as a bonus of entering this new decade, I will now be competing in sports as a youngster in the oldies category 🙂

Life goes by quickly, so never forget to make the most of it.  “Sure, everything is ending,” Jules said, “but not yet.” Jennier Egan

Embrace every moment, especially the precious little moments.  They are the ones to cherish.  Focus on the present and the journey.  You’ll find often it’s the moments when you forget time and life just happens, that are the most prized.  Enjoy the extraordinary pleasures from the ordinary!  Use your now in the best way you can.  And if you don’t have now what you want, then you don’t have what you want.  Go get it, go make it happen.

In the process, remember to be yourselves, be humble and be free.  Don’t let others tell you what do to.  Don’t change who you are and don’t let the fear of being different hold you back.

For you my Bears: Dr Seuss, one of our favourite children’s author we enjoy reading together 🙂

Don’t let fear of failure hold you back.  Remember that the biggest risk you can take is not taking one. So “Go for it because for all those moments that you would make up your mind, the other might have already rushed for it.” Neel Preet

As our Uncle Ken told us: “Dare to dream and dare to be”.  I truly love that quote and live by it every day.  It’s his quote I want to pass on to you.  Have the drive and ambitions to live your dreams, whatever they turn out to be.  Dream BIG.  Follow the fire within.  Simply follow your heart and all with fall into place.

Your successes and joys will sometimes be overshadowed by dark patches and storms.  We all make mistakes, and sometimes we have to face failures and disappointments. Hard times will test you and show your true colours.  Even though I won’t always be there to catch you at every fall nor to fight all your battles with you, I have no doubt you will overcome them.  You are all forging into such little warriors and caring little people, I couldn’t be prouder of each one of you.  Remember Mummy will always love you as you are.  Let the difficult battles shape you, teach you to fight and make you stronger.

Finally, importantly, pour your heart and soul in what you love.  Always, all the way, in all the little details.  Never hold back.  “Lukewarm is not good enough”….

Roald Dahl: Another great children’s author we have so much fun reading together!

I truly believe that’s the key to success.  And don’t forget, YOU define what success means to you – for me it definitely has nothing to do with wealth nor material possessions.

Live to be free, explore the world, create the extraordinary, live to make a difference and live to be happy.

So much more I want to write about and pass on.  I promise, my precious little Bears, to write to you again soon.  And by that, I mean I’ll write in less than 2 years this time, as I understand that “Two years in a child’s life is the distance between stars.” Nancy Horan


Love Always,


July 2017 (written in broken English from the bottom of my heart)

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