Wrapping up 2016: Looking Back and Forward

As the end of 2016 approaches, it feels like the right time to reflect on the year.  And what a year 2016 has been for me!!


2016… So many events completed, challenges and goals accomplished, successes, disappointments, lessons learnt and scars (physical ones too haha!).

Year 2016 in Numbers

  • 26,300 m climbed, indoors and outdoors – that’s 3 Everests 🙂
  • 2,502 km run – that’s further than New Forest England to Minsk, Belarus 🙂
  • 23 events
  • 15 running races completed
  • 11 blog posts
  • 11 podiums – woohoo!!!
  • 8 climbing competitions
  • 4 new sponsors and partners
  • 3 countries
  • 3 marathons/ultra-races, including 2 mountain races
  • 2 new scars on my face (oops…)



Year 2016 in a Nutshell

Highlights and Successes

  1. Most fulfilling event: Echappee Belle (47km parcours des cretes) mountain race in the French Alps
  2. Best Performance: Ranked 5th at the Welsh Lead Climbing Championships
  3. Most significant event of the year: Completed the Ultimate Trail 58km mountain race in the Lake District despite taking a massive fall leading to a head injury
  4. Most proud of: Completed all planned events and never gave up during an event


Failures and Disappointments

  1. Roadblocks and lessons learnt: Specific training required for specific event (e.g. mountain races), still need to improve my running technique in rocky/slippery/steep terrain!
  2. Frustrations: minor injuries and viruses/colds


Focus & Priorities

  1. Most time spent training on: Climbing and Running
  2. What I obsessed about: Fitting in ALL my training sessions ALWAYS.  Also getting my nutrition right… I could go on, this list is long for me, haha!
  3. Unexpected game changers which affected my priorities: My decision mid-year to stop my “normal” office job in the city to focus on my passion for sports!!  I haven’t looked back so far and I don’t have any regrets.   I’m so passionate and eager every morning to jump out of bed to train.
  4. How I am different from last year: Overall I feel much stronger and more mature as an athlete. That is both physically (with improved strength, power to weight, better endurance and cardio vascular system) and mentally (where I feel more eager than ever to push my limits).


I believe this little reflection exercise it’s not all about numbers nor is it only a quest for answers and lessons learnt.  It’s important to rejoice about the special moments of the year.  And celebrate them!  Wow, there surely have been so many this year and what an exciting ride 2016 has been!



I can’t wait to start writing the 2017 chapter and to keep embracing the journey of life in thew new year.  There is so much more to learn, sporting experiences, new adventures and challenges to be lived!


And finally, I’ve been so fortunate to be supported throughout the year by my family, my coaches, my friends, my teammates from Team CimAlp, my partners and my sponsors!!  And I am so thankful to all of the amazing people I have met during this year’s journey!!!  A huge THANKS to everyone!!!




Appendix:  List of events I completed in 2016 (so many memories!):

Running Races in 2016:

Goal of running a race every month of 2016 of varied distances and course profiles: accomplished 🙂

  • January: Somerley 10K, England
  • February: Race with Rowan 10K, Portsmouth England (podium: 1st)
  • March: New Forest Running Festival – Half marathon, England (podium: 1st)
  • April: Reading Half Marathon, England
  • April London Marathon, England
  • May: RNLI 10K Lymington, England
  • June: South Downs Half Marathon, 460m elevation gain, England
  • July: Ultimate Trail Ultra: 55km 1,750m elevation gain, Lake District England
  • July: Gravel Hill 5 Miles, South Downs England (podium: 2nd)
  • August: Echappée Belle Mountain Ultra: 47km 2,750m elevation gain, Alps, France
  • September: New Forest 5K , Brockenhurst England (podium: 1st)
  • October: NF Stinger 10miles, New Forest England
  • November: Gosport Half Marathon, Gosport England (podium: 3rd AG)
  • December: Tailwind 10 mile trail race, Fordingbridge England (podium: 1st)
  • December: Twixmas 10K trail race, Fareham England (podium: 3rd)

Main Climbing Competitions in 2016:

Main climbing goal was to train for and compete in British Lead Climbing Nationals in 2016: accomplished 🙂

Taking part in the following other climbing competitions was a bonus 🙂

  • January: Red Spider Launch Bouldering Comp, Fareham England
  • January – March: Calshot Bouldering Series, Calshot England (podium: 2nd)
  • March: White Spider Bouldering Comp, London England (podium: 3rd)
  • September: British Lead Climbing Championships, Sheffield England
  • October: Redpoint Climbing Competition, Swindon England (podium: 1st AG)
  • November: Welsh Climbing Championships, Cardiff Wales
  • November: Calshot Lead, Bouldering and Speed Climbing Competition, Calshot England
  • December: Red Spider Anniversary Competition, Fareham England (podium: 2nd)


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