Year 2017: New Challenges & New Dreams

Try new things, try the things you are scared of. Learn, fail, fall, fail again. Make glorious mistakes, grow, keep going forward.  Don’t worry it isn’t good enough or what others think.  Push your limits, keep challenging yourself, inspire others.  Don’t stop chasing your dreams.   Just never ever give up!

I’ve lived by this ethos every step, every stride, every stroke and every move of the way in 2017.

(photo credits:  thanks to Wild Camera Photography, Cyrille Quintard, Flash-Sport)

Year 2017 in a Nutshell: 

  • 5,940 meters of Rock Climbing (495 routes)
  • 3,540 km of Cycling – only 6 months from July 2017 (2,200 miles)
  • 2,863 Km of Running (1,779 miles)
  • 394 Km of Swimming (245 miles)
  • 48 Hours of Strength & Conditioning
  • 15 Races completed
  • 5 Podiums (all 1st place hurray!)
  • 5 Countries (where I raced)
  • 4 New Sponsors secured
  • 3 Falls off my bike
  • 2 Mountain/Ultra Races
  • 2 Triathlons (sprint distance)
  • 1 Duathlon (Olympic distance)
  • 1 mandatory pit stop at A&E at the finish of a race (oops, I pushed my limit a bit too hard on that one :))


Highlights & Successes:

  • Most fulfilling accomplishment: Competing in the 50km World Championships trial in China (ranked 11th woohoo!)
  • Most special event:  Racing the UTMB OCC mountain race in the Alps (56km, 3,500m elevation gain)
  • Best Performance: Finishing Top 5% of women in every running race I entered (one of my goals for 2017, bam!).  And PB in every running distance!
  • New Challenge:  Acquiring my first road bike ever (very scary at first haha!)
  • New Events & Surprise:  Racing my first triathlons and duathlon. Despite being so scared to fall off the bike during the duathlon, I surprised myself by winning the race on sheer adrenaline and determination 🙂
  • Most Special:  Being humbled by the support from family, friends, sponsors, coaches and social media followers. I’m forever thankful and grateful to everyone, all of this has only been possible thanks to everyone!!



  • Missed the English Championships marathon qualification by 20 seconds for the half marathon and 7 mins for the marathon 🙁
  • Disappointing performance at Boston marathon. After many months of training really hard, I didn’t perform as expected and I ended up in A&E after the race.  Sometimes things just don’t go to plan.  Nevertheless never ever give up.  A few months later, I completed two 50+km events and exceeded my expectations 🙂


I’m hoping 2018 will be as exciting, challenging and eventful for everyone.  You only get one lifetime.  Don’t waste it.  Makes those mistakes.  Live your life to the fullest every second.  You just might surprise yourself 🙂


Appendix:  List of Events Completed in 2017 (phew, what a special year!)


  • Jan 2017: Somerley Trail 10K, UK
  • Jan 2017: Farnborough Winter Half Marathon, UK
  • Feb 2017: Race with Rowan 10K trail race, UK
  • Mar 2017: Reading Half Marathon, UK
  • Apr 2017:  Boston Marathon, USA
  • May 2017: Duo de L’Hermitage, France
  • June 2017: Alresford 10K, UK
  • July 2017: New Forest 10 mile, UK
  • Aug 2017: Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) OCC, Switzerland & France
  • Sep 2017:  NF 5K, UK
  • Sep 2017:  50km World Championships trial, Lake Fuxian, China
  • Oct 2017:  5km Breamore Trail, UK

Triathlon & Duathlon

  • Jul 2017: Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon, Boscombe, UK
  • Aug 2017: Salty Sea Dog Sprint Triathlon, Boscombe, UK
  • Nov 2017: Windsor & Eton Autumn Duathlon (Olympic distance), UK

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